Inspired by nature, So Saff produces natural products that are beneficial to human health, in glass packaging, environmentally friendly, chemical-free and preservative-free.

It shines and strengthens your fingernails and toenails in 1 minute and provides easy cleaning of cuticles. Specially mixed natural oils soften the cuticles,
It provides the removal of the dead skin with the salt it contains. It whitens your yellowed nails, nourishes and cares with the natural oils it contains. For moist, softer, well-groomed hands and feet throughout the day, 2 applications per week are sufficient. Usage: Mix or shake oil extracts and mineral salts before each use.
Apply the hazelnut-sized amount of product to your hands and / or feet by gently massaging for one minute. Rinse with water. 40 gr

Ingredients: Raw rock salt, almond oil, vitamin E, orange oil, St. John’s Wort oil, lemongrass oil
Why we use edible materials: Because our skin is like a sponge, it absorbs everything we put on our hair and skin like a sponge and transfers it directly to the bloodstream. Every woman is exposed to more than 55,000 chemicals a year through detergents and cosmetics.
These chemicals, which disrupt the hormone balance and our health, cause various ailments and early puberty in children. We, as So Saff, started our journey with the mission of: don’t put anything you can’t eat on your skin. Our products that we formulate by prioritizing human health,
We offer it in glass packaging for a more livable world and your health. We produce our products from edible materials and without chemicals / preservatives, so when applied to the skin, they do not release toxic chemicals into the bloodstream.

Warnings: Keep closed in a cool and dark place away from children.


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