The handle part of the necklace is gold plated on bronze.
There is a Unakite stone in the middle and 11 different natural stones and crystals inside.

It consists of the heart chakra symbol and colors.
We send it along with pendant string, card with contents, explanatory brochure, gift package and intention loading incense.
Sacred geometry. The tremendous harmony and balance in the creation of the universe is seen everywhere and at all times. This balance and harmony in micro and macro cosmos manifests itself with certain numbers, geometric ratios. What is accepted in ancient times is that the Creator created the Universe according to a certain geometric plan. It is called Sacred geometry, which shows the divine order of our being, which carries all the knowledge and mysteries of the Universe. It is possible to notice these admirable proportions in a flower, snowflake, atoms, sunflower, DNA, a sea shell, bee honey and many creations in nature.


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Heart Chakra Orgonite Necklace | Heart Chakra Orgonite Necklace


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