The candle is heart shaped glass. Wax emitting energy with a pyrite crystal rising from the middle of the yellow flowers.

Height: 15 cm

The stone that emits all these sparkles is not gold, but this eye-catching stone is equally beautiful. The pyrite crystal is a must have product for your office or workplace because it is the ultimate symbol of wealth and good luck. If you lack motivation or physical strength, seek help from the pyrite crystal and steer your soul to a higher wisdom with the hidden powers that this element carries, reconnect to Mother Nature with this powerful stone.

The powerful and protective vibrations of the pyrite increase your self-confidence. Combining pyrite and a few stones can cause stronger vibrations, because an unity of energy forms between the stones using the old principles of sacred geometry. May the road light up.


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Heart Shaped Candle with Pyrite Stone | Heart Shaped Candle with Pyrit...


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