Pendulum is your new generation life guide. In the simplest term, the pendulum is a material system consisting of moving solids that oscillate with the effect of its weight around a fixed point or axis.

The energy of a space, object or person can be measured with a pendulum. For more information, you can check our blog article.

Hematite is a dark gray metallic stone due to its mass weight. Joint rheumatism, anemia, leukemia, tumor, febrile diseases, depression, gonorrhea, spine problems, leg cramps, circulatory system disorders, overeating (gluttony) disorders are used to support treatments.

Known benefits: Recommended to promote blood regeneration, especially in anemia. It is known that it makes hair grow more bushy and it is effective in the proper functioning of organs such as spleen. It gives energy and makes you feel alive. Because of its powerful attraction, it relieves stress while giving joy, courage and desire.


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Hematite Pendulum | Hematite Pendulum