• Antioxidant. It helps to remove toxic substances from the body.
• It renews the cells and provides vigorous and long life.
• It is considered as a curative for all physical and mental illnesses.
• Jade is considered to be a stone of love.
• Its energy is relaxing. It relieves mental tensions, relaxes, rests.
• Creates wisdom, justice, compassion, humility, generosity, loyalty, feelings of love and consciousness.
• Gives charm in love.
• It relieves the person to put the jade on his heart when he feels weak and weak.
• It expels the negative energy from the body and saves it from negative emotions and stress.
• It provides balance (balance) between physical body and soul, emotions and thoughts.
• It provides functional functioning of kidneys and bladder, heals kidney and bladder (bladder) diseases.
• It is healing for the eyes. For this, the stone can be looked into or gently brought into contact with the eyes. It treats visual impairments.
• Facilitates childbirth and relieves birth pains.
• Relieves menstrual pains.
• It is used to relieve headaches.


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