Crafted with Jade Stone. Due to the positive ion effect, intermediate transitions were provided with the copper mine. The sample study was prepared according to a wrist size of 16 cm. Personal size can be specified in the note section.

Benefits of Jade Stone;
It is the stone that protects from magic and magic. It is also known as the stone of happiness. It collects the negative electricity in the body and throws it out and relieves the person from stress. It allows us to have beautiful dreams. It is effective against dental diseases and pain. It is anti oxidant. It is beneficial for the eyes. It is said to heal the black spots on the face when kept for a long time. It is beneficial when applied as a massage to the face in skin allergies. It regulates blood circulation, calms the heart and strengthens the heart. It frees us from emotional bondage and develops the power of reason and logic. It helps us to overcome excessive emotions. It increases concentration. It gives peace. It relieves fear and anxiety. It helps to get rid of mental troubles.

With the wish of healing.
Let it be used with love.


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Jade Stone Bracelet | Jade Stone Bracelet


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