Therapy Musical Instrument- Coconut Kalimba

It is of African origin. The thumb piano is another name.
Kalimba, one of the traditional musical instruments of Africa, is a special handmade product from coconut.

It is a musical instrument whose size varies according to the size and size of coconut. The classical African musical instrument kalimba, which varies between 14-16 cm in size, is specially produced from coconut. Coconut varnished.

The front part of the chimney is specially designed with colored paints. You can make special melodies with the help of 7 keys. The middle line is Do. It is a very nice product that you can present to your loved ones on special days. You can also use this stylish and colorful product to decorate your home or work place for decorative purposes.

It Is A Great Instrument That Does Not Require Music Knowledge For Children Or Anyone Who Wants To Participate. Lower Age Limit 4, No Upper Age Limit.



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