It is made with the intention of guiding us in the tight flow of our lives, to guide us, to remind us of the moments when we shine and shine, and that the real diamond is deep within ourselves and in our hearts.
Let the key of the heart open our way, shine our way always …
Love to its owner, life energy, new doors, luck,
abundance was built with the intention of bringing abundance, courage, and balance. Also, Love was made by listening to love mantras and hymns.

We send it along with the necklace string, the card with the stones inside, the explanatory brochure, the intention-loading incense, the gift package.

Crystals inside:
Quartz, Lepidolite, Amazonite, Apatite, Pyrite, selenite,
Black tourmaline, chrysochol, tigereye, Havlit, Shungite


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Key Orgonite | Key Orgonite


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