100% pure copper bracelet and ring are made of polish, does not tarnish. The bracelet size (M) is prepared based on 15 cm. The ring can be easily adjusted to personal demand. Size can be specified in the note section. All of our copper bracelets are handmade; each one was individually hand shaped.
Copper jewelry, which is used as a visual complementary accessory, keeps many bad energies away from you in terms of health. Especially the “Evil Eye” (bad human energy) helps to get away from you. For this reason, it has been seen as copper talisman jewelry from past to present. The most common benefits of wearing copper bracelets are; Although the strength of the bone structure does not increase. (Helps to strengthen bones) It is beneficial for hair and skin health. 

Copper increases concentration power.
It helps to reduce joint pain.
It helps to improve the allergy and low immune system.
Despite the evil eye, it acts as a shield.


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    Knot Copper Bracelet | FeelHeal.me Knot Copper Bracelet


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