The story of wax, a garden or brightly colored flowers in the forest
It starts with attracting bees. Worker bees During the 12-18 day period,
abdomen to knit and protect the colony a medicinal substance secreted by the rings
in order to produce wax the bee needs to eat kilos of honey.

Content and Features:

– 100% Organic Raw Beeswax
– Beeswax, whose main ingredient is fatty acid and alcohol, contains propolis and high levels of vitamin A.
– Your eyes will not burn when you burn the wax.
– The smell of honey it releases is good for your cough, asthma, sinusitis and other respiratory ailments.
– It has 50% more burning time than other vegetable and paraffin waxes.
– It does not contain paraffin.
– It is also an air cleaner.

You can continue using our concrete pots, each of which is hand-made, as you wish, when your candles run out.


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