Do you like to use candles as a simple ritual to beautify your environment and rest your soul? How about healing by equipping the candles with the fragrances offered by nature?

Using candles is a great way to scent the environment with the pleasant scents of aromatic oils and to heal the soul, body and mind.

The high energy of 100% natural Palmarosa essential oil used in the “La vie en rose” herbal wax content of Granotherapy touches the whole body and heart. The ceramic heart pendant that comes out of the special candle for Valentine’s day will surprise you!

In Granotherapy’s “La vie en Rose” box
-250gr Rose Petals Granola
-100gr Sugar Free Peanut Butter
-100gr Palmarosa Soy Candle (includes a surprise ceramic heart pendant.)


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La Vie En Rose Box | La Vie En Rose Box