The back of the stone is open. Personal necklace length can be specified.
It has antioxidant properties, cleans the body from toxins and prevents premature aging.
It supports the digestive system, especially it removes the disorders related to the stomach.
It increases the eyesight ability. It widens the viewing angle, sharpens and strengthens the vision.
Balances metabolism / cell absorption. It enables the cells to decompose the necessary nutrients in a balanced way and transfer them to the body. Thus, it helps to reach the ideal weight.
It is useful for the treatment of gout disease. For this, it is useful to use an ankle brace or to hold the feet in the water with this stone.
It is useful for the treatment of rheumatism and relief of pain.
It is useful for treating joint diseases and relieving pain. It can be used with a bandage near the joint.


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    Labradorite Necklace Chic | Labradorite Necklace Chic


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