Bamboo Whisk is used to mix green Matcha tea, which has a very special place in Japanese tea ceremonies. Bamboo Whisk is called Chasen in Japanese, it is known as Matcha Whisk in Turkish.

Featuring a longer handle than regular whisks and a smaller mixer, this Matcha Whisk is made to be used in any glass. You can easily mix your matcha in glasses of different depth, height and diameter.

Bamboo Whisk, one of the essential parts of the Japanese tea ceremony Chado, is the mixer used to mix Matcha tea, which consists of very fine powder particles, in water.
Bamboo whisk, obtained from a single piece of bamboo, is a fine handcraft product made with traditional methods.

There are a few points you need to pay attention to in order to use the bamboo whisk you use while preparing matcha tea correctly and to ensure its longevity;

Before mixing the matcha, put some warm water in the bowl in which you will prepare the tea and leave the bamboo whisk in this water for five to ten seconds. When you do this before the first use, the twisted area in the middle of the bamboo whisk will loosen a bit and the curved ends on the outside will also straighten.

While whisking the matcha, it is sufficient to touch the bamboo whisk to the bottom of the bowl without pressing too much. In this way, the ends of the bamboo mixer are not damaged.

After the matcha is whipped, it is run through warm water without allowing the tea on it to dry, and by gently shaking it, excess water residues are removed.


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