Pendulum, your new generation life guide! In the simplest term, the pendulum is a material system consisting of moving solids that oscillate with the effect of its weight around a fixed point or axis.

The energy of a space, object or person can be measured with a pendulum. For more information, you can check our blog…

Rose Quartz:
Pink Quartz balance sensibilities. Has self-enhancing effects. Useful for kidneys, lungs, body’s heat system and heart. When used together with amethyst stone, it strengthens the mind and protects the heart. Pink Quartz stone stimulates brain function to make it work more comfortable. It is known to increase mental concentration. Headaches are mitigating effects. Regulates the digestive system. Regulates blood circulation and is good for blood diseases. Pink Quartz stone is healing for eyes. It has radio-aggregating effects. It eliminates the negative energy generated in the environment and converts it into positive energy.


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Rose Quartz Pendulum | Rose Quartz Pendulum