“Stones are the DNA of the universe.”

Stones that have been at the center of religions and beliefs for thousands of years
and the history behind the stone assemblies,
Get ready to discover esotericism and symbols …

Because stone mechanisms
By the combination of semi-precious and precious stones
adding healing and creation to human life,
they are works of art that create magnetic fields.

When stones come together with sacred geometry, unity to life,
they bring focus and expansion.

Stones have archetypes just like humans.
These archetypes located in the rich lands of the collective unconscious,
to move to a three-dimensional world with stone mechanisms and sacred geometry,
It is possible to reflect on life with the cooperation of science and art …

Healing, abundance, abundance, love, success, career …
Whatever you need,
with stone mechanisms that you will build adhering to sacred geometry
you can easily invite them all into your life …


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