MAKE INSPIRE CREATE, the annual timeless agenda that combines the talents of women, enables them to organize their lives, make their days beautiful, and enriched with the content of expert women entrepreneurs at the beginning of each week, is the joint project of Makemydaytr (Lara Talvi) and Estel Bensinyor.

The content of the agenda includes extensive weekly planning areas, as well as information on many subjects from personal development to femininity teachings, entrepreneurship and creativity. You can paint inside illustrations specially designed for the content written every week and personalize your agenda. We are sure that after the yearly use of MAKE INSPIRE CREATE agenda, which intends to be a women’s platform and to combine different talents and visions, you will meet with inspiration and creativity in many subjects.

Product content;
Timeless 48-week agenda
Weekly and monthly planning section
48 different creative, inspiring content
Inspiring section for women entrepreneurs in different fields
Special illustrations for every week
Hard Cover
Number of pages: 230


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Make Inspire Create Annual Timeless Agenda | Make Inspire Create Annual Tim...


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