Imagine being given a “user manual

“ for your life.

How can this user manual help you? This guide will guide you through how to navigate life in perfect harmony with who you are. Elaborating your skills, and potential will give you a map to accomplish them. It will help you understand how to interact with the world and show how sensitive you are to the impact and condition of your environment. This guide shows how your internal guidance system works and offers practical techniques for making decisions that can greatly enhance your life experience.

This is what the Human Design System offers. 

  • Discover how you can improve your quality of life in a simple but highly effective way
  • Make the right instant decisions that result in improved relationships and career choices
  • Manage the challenges that are part of everyday life without being overwhelmed

You have an innate ability to make choices based on your original structure and personal authority; this knowledge will encourage you to lead a satisfying life in your own way.

Human Design provides a map of your unique genetic design with detailed information about both your conscious and unconscious aspects. Using simple tools, it guides you in discovering your own truth. This system can help if you are having a lack of liking or clarity to yourself regarding your purpose and direction of your life.

When you come to Human Design as an adult, it has the potential to awaken your innate wisdom and power.

Your process of waking up to your true self requires two things: Education and Trial. For an adult, the way back to life like yourself can be difficult, the ability to overcome lifelong habits and conditioning; requires commitment, courage and determination.

You should try your design and find the right one for you. It causes discomfort because you are constantly receiving energies that you are not equipped to genetically manipulate what you are not experiencing conditioning. Human Design is a tool to help you understand how your body and mind should work properly and how you should align with other people who can support your process.

The reward of living your authentic nature is worth the time you spend learning the energy of your design and dedication to your process. Information acquired through understanding your chart provides a completely new perspective on yourself and your interactions with others. Moreover, the insights you acquire help to protect you from the victim of conditioning and the inner turmoil of mind.

Learning how to work and making the right choices according to your personal needs ensures increased health and fitness, better relationships and satisfaction in your professional life. This reduces and even eliminates fear and stress that are part of everyday life.

There are many benefits to experimenting with Human Design.

Important information:

  • The sessions are personal.
  • The session duration is approximately 2 hours.
  • Date and place are determined with the instructor. It is valid only for Istanbul.


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